Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Developing Your Own Wellness Chart

While visiting my fifth grader grandson, I was able to observe him doing some homework. He was working on a Wellness Chart where he would list things in his life which were needed to provide wellness in four specific areas which were: Spirituality, Morality, Mental, and Physical. A wellness chart can help a person stay on course in keeping the body active and the mind alert.

Developing your own Wellness Chart may be a good thing to do in order to bring balance and direction into your life. Senior citizens, depending on their age and station in life, may feel that it is too late to develop such a chart. They may feel that it is unnecessary and something which would not help. However, everyone of any age can benefit from evaluating where they are headed and what things could be beneficial for them.

In the area of Spirituality, a belief in God or some higher power helps a person stay well. Trust and faith in one's own abilities can have beneficial results. Meditation and prayer to stay in tune with the spiritual side will help keep balance in life.

The area of morality is important for the wellbeing of every person. Honesty and integrity in all dealings with one's fellowmen brings peace. Upholding the values which a person holds dear will help a person to live a moral life. Temptations will come to all people, but it is important to be strong enough not to give in to the temptations to do wrong and commit immoral acts.

The mental state is most important in wellness. Stretching the mind and the thinking processes by regular study and reading will help a person to keep progressing mentally. Using games and puzzles helps to keep the mind active.

It is difficult for most people to enjoy life if they are not feeling well. The physical part of life is an area in which people can often have a lot of influence by simply adhering to certain methods of caring for one's body. Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help anyone maintain better physical health. Exercising regularly to keep the body working well is a difficult matter for many people, but it is very important in staying fit and trim which makes a difference in wellness. There are many commercial products which also may help a person stay well physically. The body is a miraculous thing, but it does wear out with age. There are products on the market which may help with the aging process. Trying some of them could be beneficial.

Keeping track of the things one should do to keep well will help to stay focused on the important aspects of life. Regular evaluation of one's progress can bring more happiness and fulfillment into daily living. Developing your own wellness chart could pay off.

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